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Printed Sachet/Flexible Packaging

Printed heat sealable paper laminates to suite your packaged product. Available in various grades of top sheet and sealing layer to suit your application. Packed contents includes powder/granules.


Printed synthetic laminates to suite your packaged product. Available for the printing of sachets and pouches.
Packed contents includes gels, liquids, granules and powders.
Foil Barrier laminates are available for oxygen sensitive products.


Finished Products - Flexible Packaging

Medium to small size printed sachets for:


Printed and Finished, Three Side Heat Sealed Pouches with Hole and Nick

Three side sealed pouches are available printed or plain with a variety of display punched holes and nicks for easier opening. You can fill these at your discretion using a heat seal machine. Products include biltong, snacks, stationery cutlery etc.

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